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 I don't let my Diabetes slow me down.

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PostSubject: I don't let my Diabetes slow me down.   Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:42 am

Hi, I'm Becci, I'm 15 and I've had Type 1 Diabetes since i was 2. Life used to be tough when I was younger, I had to learn how to do my own injections and check my own blood sugar. I was bullied for a little while at primary school, when the kids thought that you could catch it. It made me quite upset, and I wondered if this was how the rest of my life would be. I've been called names and had all the abuse in the world, but I havent let it put me down. I also had alot of problems at high school, with them not treating us right.

About a year ago I heard of the Jonas Brothers, and I really liked them, their music and the messages they were putting across. It wasn't until early this year, that I found out Nick Jonas had Diabetes, ever since then I have done nothing, but look up to him as a true, and inspirational role model.

I finally realised that I shouldn't let my Diabetes bring me down, I should embrace It, and learn to love what i have been given. I would love to meet Nick, just talk to him about what we have to go through and how he manages his blood sugars on his tours. I love how Nick is so good at keeping himself well, even though he has only had it for 4 years. I still find it tough after 13!

It annoys me when people get the wrong ideas or read about false information on Diabetes, then go and tell other people that information. I think everybody should be taught about Diabetes, because it is a serious matter. I would love for everyone in the world to understand that Type 1 Diabetes is a condition when your Pancreas doesnt produce the hormone insulin and i wish i could travel across the world to teach people that.

I've never let my Diabetes stop me from doing what I want to do;
I dance every week for nearly 3 hours
I used to attend a drama school and sing, act and dance, every wednesday for 2 hours
I've taken part in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh with my school
I volunteered to help out at an after school club
I chose GCSE Dance for my performing arts
Ive walked nearly 8 miles to raise money for Diabetes UK
I took part in Denim for Diabetes day at school
I've ran for my school
And much more..

as Nick said on The Jonas Brothers world tour.

17th November 2009, Birmingham, UK - 'Dont you ever, ever let it slow you down'

and guess what? I haven't. and every Diabetic out there, no matter how old, or how young. Never let it get in your way if you want to do something. Theres only one way to fight this a find a cure. Be apart of that!

My simple win is controlling my blood sugars, and not letting Diabetes slow me down.

Becci, 15, England. x
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PostSubject: dont let your diabetes slow you down   Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:01 am

hi nick am christabel,i dont have diabetes but i just want to say its a good thing you dont allow yours slow you down cause i have this friend who has it and she always thinks about it,then the doctor told her that if she lets the diabetes take over her body its gonna be a big i advice you not to.
nick with the help of god yours will be gone.i give you my prayers.
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I don't let my Diabetes slow me down.
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